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2009 Chevrolet Aveo Question: 2009 Chevy Aveo's Hold Light came on and is blinking.



Visitor, 1.6L 4 Cylinder, Greendale, WI, November 13, 2010, 06:56

My daughters Hold Light is flashing, what is causing this?

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    November 14, 2010, 20:27

    If the HOLD mode light flashes indicates a malfunction in the automatic transmission. Take the car to the Chevrolet Dealership.

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    Visitor, June 29, 2011, 06:31


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    samantha23, July 03, 2012, 08:54

    I assure you the spark plugs are not the answer. I went through the same thing with mine. Spent $100's trying to figure out what was causing the HOLD and ENGINE light to flash, then came the bigger problems. 2nd gear slowly started going out and overdrive quit working all together. HOLD light has to do with the gears not shifting in the transmission, even says so in your cars manual. Even if the car feels it is shifting, something is not right. Hopefully you can fix it before it quits on you. My transmission ended up having to be rebuilt. :(

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    October 03, 2012, 06:34

    I have a 2009 Chevy Aveo. The hold light has come on two times since I have owned the vehicle. The first time at about 37,000 (just out of warranty)the vehicle started running very poorly. the check engine light came on as well as the hold light blinking. At first I thought it was a transmission problem, It was NOT. The problem with this gem of a car is that the spark plugs need to be replaced by 35,000 miles. The check engine light was due to the ignition coil pack being bad (cylinder 3) All four need to be replaced at once. After replacing the coil pack (now costs about $100 at the dealership)and plugs the check engine light went out and the hold light went out. This was an extremely easy repair. I walked my 13 year old daughter through the repair.

    The second time the hold light went on was about a week ago. I now have about 52,000 miles. The light came on for no apparent reason. The only unusual thing that happened was that i accidentally spun the tires in the rain just before the light came on. The owners manual will tell you to bring it in asap because there could be serious problems. I couldn't believe i was having another major problem (there was no check engine light on this time) My guess was that the spinning of the tires could have had something to do with causing the hold light to go on and blink. What i did was disconnect the battery over night in an attempt to reset the light. It worked, i have not seen the light come back on in over a week. I drive about 50 miles a day on the highway as well as stop and go traffic. Ill call that a win.

    These lights come on for a reason, if the light comes back on i will be planning on taking it in to a transmission specialist. I am not trying to say you should ignore your lights but sometimes a little effort before taking it into your mechanic can save you a bunch of money. I just wanted to share what i did with you all. Also you can have your check engine codes read my many auto part stores usually at no charge.

    I would never buy another Aveo or recommend one to anyone. In my opinion they are poorly manufactured vehicles. I guess i should have guessed that any vehicle with a 3 year 36k mile warranty has such a short warranty for a reason! I hope i could help someone with my experience.

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    jedisolo21, January 11, 2013, 11:40

    Hello everyone: Well, my HOLD light came on and the reason why that light came on is because when you put the gear shift down to reverse or to drive, there is a hold button that can be accidentally pressed. What you can do is to make sure that your hand or fingers are not touching that button when you shift in automatic. If you have a manual transmission, then that Hold button can be easily pressed when you shift gears.

    If you have further problems with that, you will have to take it to the dealership (actual Chevrolet dealership and tell them what the problem is). It could be as simple as replacing the gear shift. If that is the case, then you will get 4 keys instead of 2. When you bought the car, you got 2 keys, one for the actual car set, and the 2nd one as emergency. When my gear shift problem happened to me 3 times in 3 months time, the final time when it got replaced, I had gotten 4 keys and had to figure out which ones were for the doors and which ones were for the ignition/engine.

    So, in this case, it is the gear shift problem that is telling you that the Hold button has either been pressed, or your gear shift has died or is about to die.

    If you still see the hold button lighting up, please take it to the dealership. It will cost you close to $400.00 or so to get it replaced entirely.

    Good luck! Also if you have a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty on any vehicle, you should get it extended for another year or so...and you can pay up front when you buy the car for that extended warranty. Because you never know after the 3rd year of the year that things will go bad.

    Good luck! Hope this helps.

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  • Answer #3

    September 04, 2013, 18:13

    Since 2009 they have changed the thermostat, had a recall on the spark plug shoe & plugs at 11000 miles. The hold light came on at 12000 miles the dealership couldn't find the problem, it clears and restarts slipping back to second gear. The fuel pump went at 22000 miles, now at 26556 the hold light is flashing the button is not the problem and it's stuck in 2nd gear and over heating. The extended warrenty is just about over and the dealership is trying to decide what is causing the problem before they change the transmission. Lets hope they decide before the warrenty expires completely. Has anyone had problems with the dealerships stalling to repair...

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