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2007 Chevrolet Tahoe Question: 2007 Tahoe code P0455

I have a 07 Tahoe. Recently the CIL came on with code P0455. The gas cap looks fine. I changed the Evap Solenoid, reset the CIL and it comes back on when the gas tank gets half empty. I tried another gas cap. No luck. Any suggestions next? -
Answer 1
Have the evap system smoke tested to find the leak. While tank is half full!!!! or less. -
Comment 1
Any good way for me to do the smoke test or is this a dealer thing. What do you think about the fuel tank pressure sensor? -
Comment 2
It needs to go to A repair shop, not necessarily the dealer for testing and repair!!! Smoke machine and a professional scanner needed for ACCURATE test! -
Comment 3
One last thing....I also notice that when I pump gas, it stops numerous times making it hard to fill the tank. Any indicator of how that is related? -
Answer 2
agree with #1 -