2007 sluge problem on 2007 Chrysler Sebring

Why was the 2007 Sebring sluge problem not listed. Why is Chrysler not being held responsible for this very costly defect? Had our's in for service & was told the fix will not last & they put regular oil back in. I was told synthetic oil can only be used for this problem.

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Sluge is due to lack of maintenance, including oil changes,air filter,pcv valve any breather hoses.Chrysler did have a bad design on there oil pump pickup tube having to sharp a bend in it and would starve the motor for oil.Synthtic oil wont do much.Change oil and filter every 3,000 miles
All maintenance was done on time. We have low mileage on this car. This is the first Chrysler car we were not satisfied with.
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my better half have 01 sebring it had the same problem , dealer said they could fix at a charge of $642.78, well that was a ripoff 2 months later the engine was shot, had it toad back to dealer , they charged $3200.00 for another engine chrysler knows it's a problem with the 2.7 engine but wont addmit to it ,oh the car only had 7600,00 miles on it, we've filed a law suite for the whole amount .