2007 saturn Ion steering light , loss of power steering on 2007 Saturn Ion

power steering went out 5 times yesterday when I was crossing a bridge in Philadelphia. Light on dashboard went on. What is most likely wrong. Will steering lock up and cause an acccident?

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This is the kind of thing you should get addressed IMMEDIATELY by taking your car to the dealer (with a 2007 its likely still under warranty) or an independent mechanic. It could be any number of issues for a simple leak in the steering power pumps to something more severe, but don't wait as it creates a risk to both you and other drivers on the road.
I think the power steering in a Saturn Ion is electrical. No fluid. Check fuses.
the power steering in these cars is electrical
I just received a letter telling me to take it to any GM dealer to have this fixed. I took it in and the motor was replaced at no charge
I'm having the same problem with my ion, is this a recall? who did you receive the letter from?