2007 rav4 water pump on 2007 Toyota RAV4

hi i own i 2007 toyota rave 4 base model 4 cylinder 4 wheel drive 94.000 its time to replace the water pump not leaking but its time is that a hard thing to do can i get it fr under car take timing chain cover off and put in new pump

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the labor time is 1.8 hours, so figure double that time if you are a novice. i would discourage you from replacing this water pump, it is not needed and is not a high failure part. if you have regular service by a good local shop (never Goober Lube!) they can spot any sign
that would indicate a problem well in advance.
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I had over 140,000 on my Rav4 before I had to replace the water pump. You will see a pink spray on the inside hood, there is some special pink fluid in the water pump I was told. Bought the pump and also replaced the serpentine belt at the same time. Parts and labor total about $300.00