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2007 Nissan Murano Question: 2007 Nissan Murano A/C problem

I am having problems with A/C and Heater not working. I have replaced blower motor, relay and fuses. Has anybody else had this problem? -
Answer 1
We are having the same problem, can't seem to find the problem either. Is this something that Nissan needs to do a recall on? -
Comment 1
I took it to a different dealer. It was the blower motor relay! -
Answer 2
I live in charleston,sc and also having same issue -
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i was told my power steering pressure hose had a leak. then there was a noise but after adding ps fluid it went away but notice it is leaking. do i just need to replace the hose?
i have had trhe blower motor replaced and the resistor replaced also but it has not fixed the problem.