2007 Aveo has started to miss on 2007 Chevrolet Aveo

The car seems to have a miss or stutter where it stops firing when I decelerate slightly and then accelerate again, it did it maybe once in a 60 mile commute but lately started more frequently. Is this a timing belt issue? Fuel pump?

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Do you have a check engine light on? Sounds like a isfire issue which is usually associated with spark plugs or spark plug coils. Can't hurt to put some fuel system cleaner in your tank to make sure an fuel injector is not fouling.
No check light, nothing at all except an occasional miss when I let off the gas like when I get behind slower traffic it will miss when I start to accelerate again
Replace plugs. Don't play chemist. If you do buy a tank additive make sure it has no alchol in it. It is not a injector problem. It is an ignition problem.
DO NOT let this go on to long. Otherwise you will putting a catalytic converter on the car. Trust me that is big bucks.
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you need to get the coil wiring replaced as well as the spark plugs on the cylinders too. And also the air filter will need to be replaced as well. Have them do a diagnostic on the Check Engine light to see if that is the problem. More than likely it is the problem. It will cost you close to $800 to get this problem fixed. If you take it to a cheaper mechanic, then you will pay around $400 or less.
It was the plugs, I changed them back then and it has not missed once. Thanks for the tips to all