2006 Nissan Pathfinder stalled today in traffic. I tried to restart but it on 2006 Nissan Pathfinder

either start sputtering and then shut off or just continue to crank. I towed it to a mechanic

Please help

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and the mechanic said
They are trying to run Diagnostics on the vehicle.

Note that this vehicle was with them 2 weeks ago and they speculated and replaced 2 relays. THis was clearly not the issue. They also said that nothing was showing up in the diagnostic machine.

I believe that they are lost
If the problem is intermittent then it is very hard to fix if it is working when the mechanic checks it.
Anyone would be "lost" at that point! Hard to guess at it with any success!
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check the fuel pressure
You have to check fuel, spark, and compression
Check fuses for ecm coils fuel pump etc first.
Swap a couple of relays ecm and ignition,
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