2006 Honda Civic Engine Crack Issue on 2006 Honda Civic

I have read on several websites that there are quite a few Civic owners who have maintained their engine well but end up with a cracked block requiring a total engine replacement. The average mileage is around 90,0000 miles. I am concerned about the frequency of this happening before I buy a used 2006 Civic. Any thoughts or history on this?

by in Virginia Beach, VA on March 24, 2010
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ANSWER by , July 28, 2010
I had the same problem with my 2007 Civic EX. Call American Honda to get goodwill reimbursement. They offered me 90% so far, but I am not budging for less than 95% This is not a maintenance/neglect issue. It is a known defect from Honda related to TSB 08-044. My repair cost total $7000. Median cost of repairs is $4500. Forward this number to everyone you know having this problem! CALL NHTSA 1800 327 4236 TO LOG COMPLAINTS ABOUT YOUR VEHICLES DEFECT! IF THERE ARE ENOUGH COMPLAINTS ABOUT THIS ISSUE, THIS WILL GET INVESTIGATED TO BECOME A RECALL!!! THERE ARE ONLY ABOUT 20 LOGGED COMPLAINTS ABOUT THIS DEFECT! COPY THIS MESSAGE AND LET EVERYONE YOU KNOW HAVING THIS PROBLEM TO REPORT IT. IF YOU CALL IN TO NHTSA (NATIONAL HIGHWAY, TRANSPORTATION AND SAFETY ASSOCIATION) IT ONLY TAKES 10 MINUTES TO LOG A FORMAL COMPLAINT. HAVE YOUR VIN # READY! GET TOGETHER ON THIS. DO NOT PAY FOR HONDA'S MISTAKES, AND IF YOU HAVE ALREADY PAID, LET'S MOVE TOGETHER FOR A REIMBURSEMENT!!!
ANSWER by , March 24, 2010
Don't do it! Honda will not stand behind their product. My 2006 Civic has a cracked block even though I have properly maintained my vehicle. The dealer said at 107,593 miles, it's out of warrenty so they are not liable for any repairs. The service manager acted like he did me a favor by contacting Honda to see if they might be able to reduce the cost for me. I "only" have to $1100. I get no loaner to use while my car is being repaired. I feel that as this problem is rampantly widespread, it clearly indicates a defective product. Hence, I should not have to pay anything!
COMMENT by , January 05, 2011
Not only that, I had my car repaired, but is now giving me all kinds of problems- It accelerates itself and sounds like an old car. I took it back within a couple of days of the repair and they said it was normal with the cold weather, but now is gradually getting worse, I'm taking it back tomorrow for another check up, i think my car should be returned the same way it was running before the engine cracked!
ANSWER by , March 24, 2010
Where is the block damaged? Did a piece of block come off at the motor mount?
ANSWER by , May 12, 2010
I have a 2006 Honda Civic. The engine cracked at less than 40,000 miles. My daughter also has a 2006 Honda Civic. Her engine cracked at 69,000 miles. We both are very mindful of maintenance. Run!!!
ANSWER by , August 15, 2010
this is an issue for this engine.the blocks were not made thick enough at the water jaskets on the back and front of the block but i just dont understand how we have become such a whiny society that we cant take ownership of a car at 100k plus mileage jesus its just a man made product.and one of the best on the planet.yes honda will usually give some goodwill but if you dont take that offer of 90% they will be completely in thier right to tell you forget it then.
COMMENT by , August 19, 2010
First lets clear this up. Honda is not one of the best cars on the planet, ask anyone who has experienced this problem. That said, the issue isn't "taking ownership" of a car with 100K miles or any other mileage when something like this occurs. Modern cars do not have cracked blocks for no apparent reason especially in these numbers. The issue is this...Honda, due to faulty design or engineering or both has spewed out "X" number of this flawed engine over not 1, not 2 but at least 3 model years (2006-08) and now has the gall to expect the owner to fork over at least some % of the repair costs in most cases. This is determined on "a case by case basis" according to Honda. What does that mean? There is no owner cause here, it is due to bad casting, period. And FYI this problem has shown up on much lower mileage cars. So, owners of cars with only 30-60K miles are being expected to contribute sometimes thousands of $'s to replace an engine in a car that may not even be paid off...whinny??? Hah.
COMMENT by , August 23, 2010
There is currently a class action lawsuit being prepared regarding the engine block issue so many owners have reported having. Please contact me at chris@clbrownlaw.com or (901) 759-3900 or (800) 485-8049 to discuss your issue and see if you qualify for inclusion in the lawsuit.
COMMENT by , August 29, 2010
since the cars with 30-60k are still in thier powertrain warranty they have nothing to worry about noone will make them pay a dime.and lets look at every car rating system in the world and honda/acura is in the top five with the likes of porsch,bmw and lexus.honda is not denying there is a problem and it did take a couple years to realize and the damage had been done and those x number of cars were on the road.let me ask the class a question......name one other producat you have in or including your house that years after it goes out of warranty you can just whine and stomp your feet like children and just get it fixed at no cost?you keep churning out class action suits and car companies will be more hard a$$ about cars out of warranty.
COMMENT by , October 20, 2010
Well it finally happened to me yesterday, as i drove off the freeway, My 2006 Honda civic started smoking and my temperature rise to a 100%. At 60k my engine block cracked. Fortunately I got the letter with the extended warranty information. My car is now being service by an authorized Honda dealer. I'm just hoping the do a good job on it, but still I'm wondering what kind of warranty i am going to have after the repaired is done, or will i have one?
COMMENT by , October 20, 2010
I also received my letter on the issue. It's probably safe to assume the warranty is good for the stated amount. Honda is usually good about fixing issues and standing by its product (look at the auto transmission problems from the older Accords and Odyssey's). They might have revised the design to prevent more failures but it's hard to know. I have ~75K on my Civic now and have only needed 1 warranty repair for a small oil leak. I'm hoping my engine is fine for the duration but I feel better now that they've extended the warranty
COMMENT by , October 21, 2010
My 2006 civic with 123,000 miles overheated on the freeway yesterday. I called the dealership and they said bring it in as it probably has a cracked block. What! Sure enough, the block had cracked. My car will be ready in two days - apparently, they've had a lot of practice replacing the engines.
COMMENT by , April 13, 2011
I aIso have a cracked block in mine. My transmission and clutch went around 80,000 miles. This car has been a complete lemon since the day we bought it. I think i will go Nissan next time. Honda just not what they used to be.
ANSWER by , October 21, 2010
I bought my EX in November 2006 with 7800 miles. Just turned 175,000 this week. I put over ~800 miles a week commuting for work. No issues with the car whatsoever. Best car I have ever owned.
COMMENT by , November 28, 2010
ditto i have been driving a civic for the last 5 years, bought it with 130,000 km no problems - absolutely maintenance free, just done the oil changes regularly, and fixed brakes ONCE in 5 years - beat that.... I am at 270k + right now, and i drive a lot on country roads the car has never acted up on me, even in the worst weather conditions, extreme cold and snow. Honda is the best car on the planet Who doesn't drive a honda? LOSERS :)
COMMENT by , February 13, 2011
Or people smart enough not to drive a Honda. Honda's aren't as good as they use to be.
COMMENT by , August 02, 2014
While Honda did screw up with making the blocks,they are much more responsible than any other domestic car company. I would rather have to fork over a few hundred to fix it vs getting screwed by GM or Ford who don't give a fawk at all.