2006 HHR power steering problems on 2006 Chevrolet HHR

Once my battery went low and I had to get a jump. After the car was started and charged the power steering immediately went out. Ow that I have learned it is electric how do I repair it. Is it a simple. Fuse that needs to be repalced or is it a costly investment?

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also had this problem it was a blown fuse, i think it was labled eps on the fuse block there about five bucks at the auto parts store.
While giving my sister a boost, my power steering light came on. Sure enough, the power steering went out. I read the manual and of course, nothing in there about power steering fluid. I understood I would have to go to the dealership. I will definitely check my fuses! It makes perfect sense that I blew a fuse while 'reving' my car to boost off my sister. It was a $4.29 fuse.Unfortuantly, the manufactor isn't honest to say check the fuse. Imagine, the cost to go to the dealership!
Which fuse?
This was the problem with mine also! I did the same thing with the same results! It is the number 1 fuse and it is labeled EPS and it was $4.85 at the local parts store! This was a big help! Thanks
I keep extra fuses because I have had to change it several times
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You know the battery is in the back and not under the hood. I learned this the hard way today as I also tried to jump a friend and now have to go purchase a new fuse tomorrow.
I do not have the answer but I can tell you they need to do a recall 1000`s & 1000`s of complaints have been filled.My power steering went out driving down the road stayed out for months latter it started working for a few months. I got it worked on got new tires and the man tampered with the brain and it quit working again.I have had nothing but lights come on and off on this car.T/C light engine light stay`s on now also Its a shame I like the HHR But they have a LOT of bug`s all electrical..I bought it for trip`s but to afraid to drive far.Submit a complaint to Chevrolet you will be helping all owner`s of a HHR .Good Luck
The tc light probably is caused by a bad cam shaft position actuator. It's it sitting hard as well? It's very easy to replace but it's a pricey dealer only part. There are 2, one for intake and one for exhaust. You'll need to read the code it's throwing to figure out which one. And I agree. It's a nice car, but a lot of cheap parts that break.
The fuse is under the hood in a box. They look like lego's and only cost $5. or $6.