2006 Ford Five Hundred: Would aporeciate how to properly remove A/C Condenser. on 2005 Ford Five Hundred

A/C only blows cold when driving. at idle & stand-still, blows warm. Compresser works fine. Freon level is good. All the fins on the condenser are bent, you can see from the front. It's confirmed with the symptoms it's having, that it is the condenser. I realize the radiator would have to be removed. I am asking for a more detailed diagram on how the condenser comes out. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Have you also confirmed the radiator fans are working when ac is on? If they aren't on when ac is on the compressor will turn off until some air is moving across the front of the car!! Just suggesting that this will cause the ac to stop working at "idle and standing still" What bent ALL of the condenser fins?? To test start the car and turn ac on hi, fans should start within 3 min. look and see. If they dont, there is the trouble.