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2006 Dodge Magnum Question: 2006 Dodge



, Bellevue, NE, September 22, 2010, 16:13

Rear taillights won't stay on,front park lights as well go out. It blows an 15 amp fuse.replaced front control module thought the lights tracked to front module,and relay was replaced but problem still exist.you can put fuse in turn on park light,they will come on you get in drive off and pull over to check " they will be off" ! In between the fuse,relay something is causing the fuse to blow? Please tell me what the problem is and how to resolve it.many thanks
My email is danziekenneth@yahoo.com

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    November 08, 2010, 14:18

    Before going into panic mode, the problem can be caused by a defective bulb. It is not that common, but it does happen on occasion when a bulb shorts internally and blows the fuses. Many times vehicles are disassembled, wiring harnesses opened up for inspection or replaced only to have the same problem after repairs, when the problem was a bulb. Check and / or replace all of your tail lamp and front parking lamp bulbs. Look at the sockets for corroded, overheated, melted connectors and replace if needed. Also inspect the contacts on the taillamp housing, they too can overheat, melt etc. As a last resort, CAREFULLY inspect the wirning harnesses from each lamp, looking for pinched, chafed, cut harnesses and wires. Also look for puncture holes from screws etc.

    Automatic headlamps are controlled by the Cab Compartment Node (CCN). The CCN is your instrument cluster . With the headlamp switch in the AUTO position, the CCN will control the headlamp, parking, side marker, tail and instrumentation lamps based on ambient light levels. Ambient light levels are monitored by the CCN using the ambient light signal present. Ambient light readings are averaged to limit cycling the lamps ON and OFF when passing through areas with varying light levels. The automatic headlamps will only function when the engine is running with the RPM greater than 300. When the headlamp switch is in the AUTO position (Automatic mode), the Headlamp Time Delay system will function when the ignition switch is placed in any position other than run/start.

    The following functions are controlled by the FCM:
    Air conditioning condenser cooling fan
    Daytime running lamps - if equipped
    Fog Lamps
    Front and rear hazard warning lamps
    Front turn signals
    Radiator fans
    Rear window defroster power and timing
    Stop, turn signal and tail lamps
    Windshield and liftgate wiper and washer systems

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