2006 chrysler Pacifica both radiator fans stay running until the battery dies. on 2006 Chrysler Pacifica

My 2006 Chrysler Pacifica both radiator fans stay running until the battery dies.The check engine light came on too. What is the problem? Is it a computer problem or a resister thing? This vehicle has 75,000 miles and is all whell drive. No other problems so far. Nice car other than this problem.

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Most likely a relay has stuck closed. Check owners manual for location.
Thanks! That's pretty much what I had decided it was. It's located behind the glove box. Part cost $50.00 at O'Rillys auto parts. Dealer costs a lot more. Going to try it today after the weather cools down. I almost forgot to mention, it would not jump start because the 2 fans were using the power. Unplugged the fan fuse located in the fuse box under the hood #13 I think, and it jumped fine. Then plugrd the fuse back in and of course both fans kept running. Drove it to the parts store opened hood and unpluged the fuse while I bought the part. Then plugged fuse back in and drove it home. (40 amp fuse) Also take off the negitive battery cable before installing relay. It's going to be over a hundred today in Omaha Nebraska! To hot!
Thanks, Ben
Well Ben, hope this fixes your problem, post results for others to see, either way.