2005 Lincoln Aviator engine light on after adding low grade fuel?? on 2005 Lincoln Aviator

I purchased a used 05' Lincoln Aviator with 61,000 miles. It looks and runs in great condition. I have had it for 3 days. When I purchased it I filled up the gas tank with 87 low grade fuel while the manufactures advises to use premium fuel. Today, my check engine light turned on. I have read a few blogs which is leading me to believe the engine light turned on due to using low grade fuel. Is that a logical assumption? Is it a common problem? I could take it back to the dealer as they gave me a 90 day warranty but I have a $100 deductable which I would rather not spend if I just need to start using premium fuel. Thanks for any help. ! ~m

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I believe this engine does not require premium fuel. Take it back to them and let them perform a computer diagnostic, this will help to identify the problem. Make sure you get the diagnostic trouble code from them and post it here for further advice. It may be just a simple thing that they can easily repair.