2005 Honda Civic 90,000 miles service on 2005 Honda Civic

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I went with my 2005 Honda Civic (96,000 miles) for 90,000 miles service. The dealer 'recomended' to replace timing belt, water pump, spark plugs, spark plugs wires, and much more. Is it reasonable to replace everything at the time of 90,000 service and it can cost?
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I would question them again.I'm pretty certain an'05 doesn't have plug wires. (4 coil packs over plugs).Other than that it sounds normal for age. 7-8 years on the t-belt regardless of miles is enough. If the tensioner fails or the belt jumps/breaks , then you're looking at a valve job/headgasket , to say the least.
if nothing has been replaced before I would say you should replace it all, I would definitly change the timing belt and water pump