2005 HCH Catalytic Converter on 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid

I have a 2005 Civic Hybrid and my Maintenance Required and Check Engine lights recently came on. I took it to a Honda dealer today and was told that my front and back catalytic converters need to be replaced. They quoted me ~$2000 for the parts alone. I bought the car used about 6 months ago and it has 122K miles. I read that the 2003-2005 converters were recalled in 2005. Is this true? How do I find out if mine was replaced? Was the dealer correct with the 2 converters and estimate? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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I don't see any recalls for CATs so i don't think is true, the CATs are $900 each labor time is 0.8 check the labor rate for the honda dealer and check to see how many CATs you need
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First go to an Auto parts store that will allow you to sign out a ODB Tester and run the code program to see what codes you have. Write them down!

Secondly , try this to extinguish the Maintenance Required light:
(Also covered in your Ref. Owner's Manual pages 67-68)
To reset the light press and hold down the odometer button as you turn "on" your car (you do not need to run your car - just turn it to the "on" position) and leave it pressed for about 20 seconds. Release and your light will go out.
Done deal.