2005 Ford Focus 2.0, manual: LONG cranking duration with start up on 2004 Ford Focus SVT

Ford Service Bulletin said to reprogram PCM for this year, model and this was done at dealer, but no improvement to long crank time. No error codes. Crank duration improves (1-4 seconds) when: 1) car has been running, turned off, and restarted within 5-10 min; 2) on cold start, if I turn key to ON, wait for fuel pump to cycle on/off, then turn key off and on again and immediately crank it over. Starting does sputter a bit but engine runs smooth within seconds.

Have tested fuel pump pressure and this seems to be o.k., fuel filter changed, new plugs, seemingly good spark; runs just fine once started. What to check out next?

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This 05 model doesn't seem to have a pressure test port so pulled input gas line (rubber) from rail and connected this line directly to fuel pressure gauge---dead end---no pass through to the injectors. Got 50 lbs of pressure. with key on only. I noticed that the pressure on this thing drops to 0 right away when I turn off key---I think I read on this model that the speed of the pump is controlled by the PCM and when it is off, there is no pressure retained in the injector rail. Can you verify this? Should I try to retest the pressure with the pressure gauge in series from pump to injectors, or would it matter (I'm assuming if I'm getting 50 lbs with key on, engine off, and it only takes about 2-3 seconds to pressurize when I turn key on, that the pump itself is probably o.k. Any more thoughts? Incidentally, thanks for taking the time to reply
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AND WHAT WAS THE PRESSURE AFTER SITTING FOR TEN MINUTES?........ Are chocolate donuts better than jelly-filled?
Chocolate donuts are better than filled, except if fill is cherry. As I mentioned above, the pressure drops to 0 on this model when I turn key off---none is retained in the line; I read that this is probably normal, given the way the 05 system works. Any more thoughts?
see dealer