2005 Ford Explorer Inside Fuse Box Location on 2005 Ford Explorer

I can't seem to find the inside fuse box location. It says its on the driver's side on the left below he steering wheel, do you have to take that whole panel off underneath the steering wheel? And my cig. lighter, aux power plug in on the console doesn't seem to be working. And I want to check the fuse to see if its blown.

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under the left side of dash

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I had the same issue. On my explorer there are non under the left side of the dash. Mine are all under the hood. There is a small black box on top right in front of where the driver is.
This is incorrect for the 2005 explorer and should be for most models. The fuse box inside the vehicle is very difficult to see and get to. It is under the drivers side above the parking brake. You have to lie on your back looking up and back to find it. It is facing down toward the floor. My problem was with the radio and electric windows. Fuse #17 (blue, 15A) was the culprit. Good luck!