2005 Chrysler Town & Country Rear Door Button not working on 2005 Chrysler Town & Country

The finger switch up under the license assembly stopped working. All power to the lights and wipers is good. And the key assembly works fine too which is how we are still able to get in it. The switch, if I remember right, would not respond right away a few times before this. But it happened few and far between over a long period of time. Is there any popular/known reasons what might have happened to it? My wife drives our 5 kids around in this van all the time and I'd like to get it fixed for her. Thanks in advance to everyone for any amount of help they may give.

From your descripton, it sounds like the lift gate switch is defective. Another posibillity is that the Power Liftgate Control MOdule is defective ofr needs to be reprogrammed, Dealer TSB ( 08-045-06) 2002 - 2007 (RS/RG) Town & Country/Caravan/Voyager
NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles equipped with a Power Liftgate built on or before October 13, 2006 (MDH 1013XX). SYMPTOM/CONDITION: The vehicle operator may describe that the Power Liftgate may not open or close the first time that the Power Liftgate button is depressed. If the button is pressed repeatedly, the liftgate will open or close properly. Hope this helps
Sorry...I should have been a little more specific - I have a manual gate you lift and struts hold open. I do not have a power liftgate. The switch is electric and is not unlocking the latch.
did you ever get a solution to the problem I am now having the same problem with my van