2004ToyotaRav4-rearend noiseTold rearend going outHow much should repair cost? on 2004 Toyota RAV4

Have been hearing rear end "whining" sound for about 3 weeks, took in for front rotors, mechanic commented on the noise without me telling him. I had a bad feeling about the rear end possibly going concerned about the cost to fix. Any ideas? They said my back wheels could lock's a 4X4 Rav 4. E-mail

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I just have the same problem- noise sounds like differential moving.Starts at 50-60km/per hour and gets louder as speed increases.
Took it to Toyota dealer for inspection. Turns out right rear bearing needs to be replaced.Approx cost 375 CDN.

Thought it was the differential going.Hope this helps.Currently I have more than 300,000KM on this car and it is still going strong.
But I have a recurring problem with the Evac system on the car. Engine repair light keeps coming on ,after things have been repaired.
Anybody have any ideas?