2003 Lexus ES300 with 92,000 miles. on 2003 Lexus ES300

I have a 2003 Lexus ES300 with 92,000 miles. I have a rear oil leak and plan on trying the Bar's Oil Additive before spending $2000 to have the Rear Main Seal repaired at the dealership. However, in the last few days, the car has lost acceleration from complete stops...just no pep. Never had a problem until now. No warning lights are coming on. The car starts right up, idles fine, just feels like it's hesitating. However, when it starts, a huge cloud of thick white smoke comes out the exhaust and then clears up. Could this problem be related to the oil leak or just coincidence? Any ideas?

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my lexus es 300 did that with cloud of with smoke and the car want start at all was told to replace whole engine
I had a similar problem with an older Volvo in that a thick cloud of white smoke would occasionaly come out of its exhaust. It turned out to be a leaking diaphram in the brake booster. The leak allowed brake fluid to be drawn into the engine and when burned and exhausted the result was A HUGH WHITE CLOUD THAT COULD CONCEALED ANYONE'S GET-A-WAY.