2003 jeep liberty codeP0562 Autozone tested Battery, Alternator both good. on 2003 Jeep Liberty

they checked the alternator on the beach..and tested both the battery and alternator in the Jeep. Both Passes again...Battery light comes on and off.. Code P0562 I need some help.4


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The 'P' in the code signifies a powertrain trouble code. Take your vehicle to a reputable repair facility and have a professional technician diagnose the problem. And stay away from auto parts stores on the beach.
That's good, LIKE! Probably got some sand in there.
Really ?? Thanks your a big help...I was asking for the next step to check why the code is still on...b/c the battery and alternator are good.. and that was bench test....
Next step is listed in first answer. Sorry just having a littl fun with words. :-)