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2003 Honda Accord Question: 2003 Honda - Can a system computer failure cause a coil pack to melt?

The malfunction indicator lamp and the immobilizer system indicator light came on, on my 2003 Honda and immediately the car started running poorly. I drove it home and the next day took it straight to the dealer. The dealer performed a diagnostic because the problem was not obvious. The codes were always pointing to a problem with the transmition but the mechanic didn't think it was the transmition. They finally found that the coil pack melted in the head. After the car was repaired I was told that the computer system failed and had to be replaced. Can a system computer failure cause the coil pack to fail? -
Answer 1
Yes, if it shorts the coil to the point where it melts. -
Answer 2
it was probably the other way around.is this a four or six?we have seen several sixes come in with melted coils due to a faulty plug.once the coil melts,the voltage shorts there and fries the computer -