2003 Frontier won't start on 2003 Nissan Frontier

The vehicle was running fine, then the motor started to shake, run rough briefly, then stalled, now won't start, seems to turn over rough, tried to ground out a plug wire, no spark, any ideas

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Remove distributor cap, have a helper crank engine to see if dist. rotor rotates, IF it does replace the distributor assembly! IF it does not, check for failed timing belt and possible engine damage!
Thank You for your quick response, unfortunately it was the timing belt.
I hope it did not bend any valves!
No, She was lucky, I put the timing belt on Friday, and the vehicle ran fine. Thank You again for your thoughts, with these newer vehicles today it is so hard to tell, this sensor or that, but I did as you said, turned the vehicle over, seen that the rotor was not turning, pulled the distributor, that was fine, so it pretty much narrowed it down. Thanks again.
You bet!
Glad you got it fixed, without any major problems!
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