2003 crv picks up speed theres a noise coming from the rearend, plane sound like on 2003 Honda CR-V

not sure wht the noise it but when u turn a corner or turn in general the sound is not there, but when u pick up speed the sound gets louder sounding like a plane. i was kinda thinking the wheel barrel but not sure...can u help or are familiar with this?

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have it serviced and have special additive added. they limited slip additive is worn out and needs to be repl,very common on these
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possible wheel bearing. any vibration? any noise when shift forward or reverse? if so, possible U joint. review when last rear diff. service. should be done 18 to 24 months. sounds like a good time to have complete rear end service(repak bearings, rear diff. service, inspect U joints, inspect brakes). may want to have rear out put shaft looked at also(output shaft seal, bearing, and bushing).
yes it kinda vibrates, no sound when shifting into when accelerating speed the sound gets louder...and this is coming from the back of the crv. what would have to be replaced if it is the wheel barring
if it is a wheel bearing, ur looking at a new wheel bearing and seal. $30.00-$40.00 for parts and 1 hr. to 1.5 hr.s labour. rate depends on the shop.