2003 BMW 325 CI. My car won't start regularly. on 2003 BMW 325Ci

My car will start several times in a row on the first time then all of the sudden I turn the key and I hear nothing but the fuel pump. I took it to the mechanic and he replaced my battery and ignition module to no avail. The problem is statring to occur daily. Could this have something to do with my key or perhaps the starter is beginning to fail?

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i would say you have a bad spot brushes in the starter
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Bring it to a different? mechanic -- AND-- !!! be able to duplicate the symptom for them. Depending on the frequency of the problem , properly diagnosing it may take a while. Have patience or lots more parts money (of coarse I don't know that the actual fix will be inexpensive , but I hope it don't hurt to bad! good luck.