2003 Audi A6 quattro, automatic .making loud metal grinding noise, wont drive. on 2003 Audi A6 Quattro

2003 Audi A6 quattro. I was driving last night, went to pull out of the parking lot and car started making a grinding sound as if i was dragging something under the car, and then the car stopped moving and will no longer move. I looked and nothing is dragging. But like i said the car wont move, and it doesnt make the sound in park.. but as soon as i put it in drive it makes the noise again.

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If you start to move and it makes that noise, have your caliper, rotor and brake pads checked. That happened to me and I could smell smoke when driving. It was a terrible metal grinding noise as I was driving it to the repair shop. They found the rear caliper had seized compressed, and wore through brake pads and damaged rotor.
Check your CV Axles at the wheels.
would the CV axles at the wheels cause it to make the sound when i push the gas pedal? because thats when it sounds the worst. It sounds as if im dragging metal cans under my car. but the cars not moving.
got to check your brakes on the wheel thats locking up..or the side thats grinding..
none of the wheels are locked up, and i can put it in neutral and push the car into the parking lot, it just wont drive. its like its in neutral but its in drive.
If the axle is broken at the joint, it's just like the drive line on a rear wheel drive vehicle has been taken out, and the car won't move. Just fixed two different cars with same symptoms last week. Put the emergency brake on and put it in gear and look at the axles to the wheels and see if they are spinning without the tire moving. Of course I'm talking about an automatic, if it's manual transmission, then it could be the clutch.
what should this cost me in a repair shop?
If it is the axle or axles, they are around $60.00 ea. at O'reillys. the labor is around 1.5hrs. Check the Estimator on top of this page to find out what it will cost in your zip code.
okay. Thank you so much!
I have the same problem with my 2003 audi a6 wagon only when i start to drive from parking spot it makes a very loud grinding sound like there is something stuck and i let go of the gas and push it doun again and it drives perfect so only when i start and its a automatic can some one please tell me how to fix this problem