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2002 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Question: 2002 VW TDI automatic transmission shift module

I just purchased a very clean 2002 TDI Jetta Wagon, w/automatic transmission. It has 148,000 mile. It runs fine, but seems to have a slight delay in the shifting sometimes. I was told this is a common 2002 only problem, and can be fixed by replacing the shift module (passenger side by firewall) with one for a 2003. Is this correct? Anyone know the correct p/n for the 2003 shift module. Can I buy an aftermarket one, where & what can I expect to pay for one? Any help is appreciated. Mike G., Chaska, MN -
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Try re-setting the transmission shift points by putting your foot to the floor and then turning on the key, this will se-set the shift points for your VW. Before you jump to thinking that it is a bad TCM , you better scan the data stream, there is a lot of info on how the Sensors in the Electronic Throttle Control wear and then cause delayed upshifts. Sound familiar? Best to have a savy tech Diagnose this issue first before you jump to ANY conclusions and start buying parts. -
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Once the shift points are reset, does the transmission then "learn", based on the driving being done over the next several days/weeks? I believe this was the case in a 2001 Saturn transmission that I had replaced some time ago... shifting was fairly hard & irregular for a short time, then fairly quickly smoothed out and ran fine. Thanks for the advise. I have a friend that owns a large transmission shop. I haven't had a chance to speak to him about this, but I know he'll be happy to scan it for me. -
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how to test tranmasion solenoid on saturn 98 1.9 engine -
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what do you mean putting your foot to the floor. question was with automatic transmission. so it can't be clutch. so.... brake pedal or gas pedal....? -
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standard transmissions do not have shift modules. They shift when you step on the clutch and manually change the gear with your hand -