2002 Ford Windstar LX engine jerks especially on cold days on 2002 Ford Windstar

My 2002 Ford Windstar LX engine jerks especially on cold days. When I wait traffic light at intersection, I have to keep the nertral position, otherwise, the engine will stop working. I have changed the air-filter, oil filter, fuel filter and ignition plugs. Can some experts give me the reason? Thanks.

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Seems like you may have a leak causing the throttle and intake manifold to get undesired air. Think intake manifold gasket leaks, air tube leaks, idle air control valve sticking....
Thank you for your idea.
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I had the same problem with my 2002 Windstar. I was told there is a TSB on the intake plenum gaskets(upper) and grommets for the intake plenum bolts. Old grommets are black and the new replacements are green in color. The intake manifold runner control(IMRC) arms were disconnected or missing on mine due to retainer clip failure also. This only seemed to be an issue at 2300 RPM and above.