2002 Ford Explorer will not start on 2002 Ford Explorer

The truck would not start, battery tested weak. Replaced battery. The next day the same thing happened, turned off the auto headlights, and it started fine. Any idea where the drain might be?

by in Emery, SD on January 01, 2011
2 answers
ANSWER by on January 01, 2011
You could have a charging system problem not charging the battery back fully enough. Hard to tell. Have your charging system checked. Have the new battery checked. Check the starter for amps drawn when engaged. If all that passes, check for a parasitic draw - amperage (or milliamps) being drawn with everything "off".
ANSWER by on September 12, 2012
when this happened to me , i started with the/all sensor replacement. DO NOT DO THIS!!1]watch utube for the various sensor verifications. starting circuit is at the coil/pak. coils do fail.DO NOT LET anyone tell u it has to be a ford part!! order off the net if it is cheaper. advanced auto,parts plus,carquest ,all do charging system checks for free; if u can git it there?? my problem was a loose connection at the coil/power interface. the actual plug behind the engine at the firewall, where u cannot see it. nor could i git my hands back there anyway? good luck!!
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