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2002 Ford E-250 Question: 2002 F250 no codes come on incomplete drive cycle

druven more than 1000 mi and still nothing can it be a computer thing -
Answer 1
If you have one of several parameters that are not met it can cause what you have.You'll need to hook up a scan tool that can view live data and have a look at your basic parameters like ect,iat,o2s11,o2s21,o2s12,o2s22,vss,tpv,tpmode. -
Comment 1
unfortunately for me there are no codes coming up??? -
Comment 2
does the scan tool power up when you connect it to the dlc? I've also seen scrambled numbers when trying to retrieve dtcs caused by aftermarket performance chips. -
Comment 3
OK the print out I got from the shop said the on board computer system is not ready!!!! -