2002 Cooper S noisy 1st gear when cold on 2002 Mini Cooper

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if engine cold may hear slight shriek when engaging 1st gear but all gears fine and when engine warm virtually nonexisten:
What could be the problems? How much would repairs cost? Thanks.
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If the noise is heard when you are engaging the clutch then it's probably related to the clutch, or the clutch mechanism itself. It could also be something weird like worn fluid in the trans. Possibilities include a worn clutch disc, some type of contamination on the disc, lack of lubrication on the shift fork, or if the car has a hydraulic clutch there could be an issue with the master or slave cylinder. Depending upon what's found it could be expensive (clutch replacement) or not (lube the clutch fork). The best thing to do is to find a good technician to diagnose the problem and give you the facts.
there was a service bulletin sent to mini dealers on this dealer replaced my clutch,pressure plate,and flywheel @no charge.that was east bay mini[pleasanton,ca]
Do you happen to have the service bulletin number??

Our 2002 seems to need a clutch with only 65K on it and was making the same noises.

Have never needed a clutch in anything even with three times that mileage.

Thanks, James