2002 Audi Allroad Quattro Q&A

2002 Audi Allroad Quattro Question: 2002 audi alroad air shock suspension

the vehicle air shock suspension will not allow me to raise to level 4 if so after turning vehicle off sometimes tires are very close the car -
Answer 1
Air bags are bad, hose/connections are bad... -
Answer 2
My Audi seamed to get stuck in a level too. I thought I would have to replace the whole thing. So instead of spending outrageous amounts on this air system that is on there, I called Strutmasters.com. I admit they didn't have many options for me but they do have a conversion kit that will get rid of that air. I was skeptic at first but I ordered it anyway. Was I surprised. Man this kit is flashy, silver and red, and it rides great. I am setting at about medium height but I can ride without worry about the air failing. Check them out. -
Answer 3
I have an 01 Audi. My air suspension went out on me. I considered my options very carefully. and i ended up with Strutmasters.com. The dealer offer was outrageous. I wasnt going to spend 3000 dollars to fix it and I paid 997.00 at Strutmasters to fix it with a lifetime warranty. Where as the dealer dont offer warranty on the items. It eliminated the air and fixed my problem. it still rides great :) -