2002 525i Problem with A/C Face Plate - Replaced and Now Panel will not Work!! on 2002 BMW 525i

We had the "MAX" button on our A/C panel break off. I went to the dealer to get the replacement cap and was told I needed to purchase a whole new face plate. The parts guy had one of the BMW Techs come out to let me know what needed to be done. He indicated that we could break the button out of the new plate and replace just the MAX cap; however that could be difficult as they break easily. He suggested that we pop of the old face plate and replace it with the new one. Which is what we did? What a hassle. We did not realize that the little clips would come loose that create the resistance on the buttons. Finally got everything back together and have temp reading and lights on the panel; however I cannot change off of "AUTO" even though all the clips seem to be in place. Is there a trick to resetting the computer? Have already disconnected the battery to get the panel to light up. Your help is appreciated.

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Should be able to change face plate without coding but the Module itself may be defective.
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