2001 ZX2 Airbag/Horn Replacement on 2001 Ford Escort

I need to replace my airbag because the horn is stuck and the horn wont stop honking. Do I need to pull the fuse first for the airbag before changing the airbag and can do it myself? I bought used airbag.

by in Natick, MA on May 06, 2011
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ANSWER by on May 06, 2011
Yikes, be VERY careful! If you've never had the pleasure of being around an air bag deploying, take it from me: You don't want that. Disconnect both battery cables. Let the vehicle sit for a while (10+ minutes just for extra caution) and then the system is ready for you to work on. I'm quite sketchy on the used air bag though; if there's any short involved in that unknown entity, you may get more than you bargained for when you reconnect that battery... Also - did you verify the failure is the horn pad itself? This is not a known issue for this vehicle -- it is a known issue for the Grand Marquis and Crown Victoria and Town Car -- different air bag.
COMMENT by on May 07, 2011
The mechanic said it is the horn pad. because the horn pad is inside the airbag. the hornpad I broke. i pressed it so hard that it get stuck and it has clicking sound when the horn is honking. especially when it's hot weather. Can I just remove the fuse for the airbag by not the removing the battery cable. it's alot of work removing the battery cables
COMMENT by on May 07, 2011
No, you cannot. Remove the battery cables.
COMMENT by on May 09, 2011
Thanks for reply.

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