2001 toyota corolla timing belt or chain? on 2001 Toyota Corolla

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i have a 2001 corolla that has 130,000miles on it. im planning to drive to florida from california. im worried about the timing belt or chain coz of the mileage. does it have a timing belt or chain? if t/belt so i could have it replaced, if t/chain whats the maintenance on it? do i have to change that too? just dont wanna go to the dealers and have them chek and charge me big bucks.
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2001 Corolla does not have a timing has a timing chain.
refer to :
Corolla 1990-1997 4 Cylinder Belt
1998-2010 4 Cylinder Chain
For Timing Belts, please reference our "Timing Belt Recommendations" FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) to determine the maintenance interval recommendations.

For Timing Chain and Gears, there are no prescribed replacement intervals; these components should be replaced as needed.
You have a timing belt and you better get it replaced before you go. You should replace the timing belt and water pump at 60,000 miles. Get the water pump replaced at the same time and maybe the oil seals too. I think that will cost about $600 max in California. You don't need the dealer, but you need a good mechanic for tis job. If the belt fails, you could damage the engine badly so don't neglect this.
here are an estimator link and a directory link for you:

1998-2000on have chain drives and a freewheeling engine which means it won't hammer the valves. nice bad advice guys