2001 pontiac montana. bought it 3 wks ago.
i think i bought a lemon! help on 2001 Pontiac Montana

first week heat went out. we flushed the heater core. heat wrked for 4 days. heat went out and engine over not leaking coolant or oil and they are not mixing in the moter. and i replace the radiator cap.
replaced the water pump and thermostat. called the (ma&pa) dealer. no suggestions on what could have happened or whats wrong, didnt wanna buy it back, excuses on why he cant trade.
he said he had the van for like 4 months. so it could have been a push pull drag it in. we think they may have had problems with the head gasket. i poured bars leak for heead gaskets and colling systems (black cap). i know thats one of the worst things to do. but i need to buy my self some time to come upon 1000 for parts and repairs to replace the head gasket. i also noticed that there may even b a problem with the raidator stem. any suggestions. no one will really answer my questions.
can i get through 3 weeks with the bars leak?
can they flush the bars leak out when they do the gasket?

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Have it tested to see if the head gadket is the problem, no way to know for sure otherwise! It's called a combustion leak test.
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In my opinion, do not use Bars Leak, it will cause stoppage in every thing. More trouble on an old car with problems already with cooling issues.
ive already used the bars leak. alil better. can i flush the system myself?
If it stops the radiator it will more then likely have to be rodded to push the gunk out of the cores. The same for the heater core, and settle in the block. You can flush what you can, but you can't get all of it.
I had to replace the manifold gasket and mine worked fine after that.