2001 Montana van will not run on 2001 Pontiac Montana

My 2001 Montana van turns over but won't start. Was running I shut it off to go into store. when I came out it would not run . I left it parked and went back the next day and it started so I took it home. A few days later I was driving and it started chugging then stalled out. I can hear the fuel pump ok. spark plugs are new, new engine and trans. I know I can have the computer scanned, looking for other ideas. Engine light does not blink, just stayed on, when trying to get code that way, (key in, turn on, of, on, of, on within 5 secs).

by in Beverly Hills, CA on December 28, 2009
1 answer
ANSWER by on December 29, 2009
you need to have the ignition control module checked to see if it is working...if it the setup i am thinking of the ignition control module can get corossion between the control module and the coils and will cause a no start condition...you really need to find out what codes are coming from the ecm, these will tell you a lot of info..
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