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2001 Kia Spectra Question: 2001 kia spectra wont start but turns over fine

my son's car sat for a bit and didnt have a gas cap on. After repair to wheel bearing my son went to start it and I told him to let it just idle for a bit to get oil flow back from sitting. It started right up and ran for bout 4 minutes then sputtered and died. We discovered water in the tank from no cap and sat outside so drained the tank and changed fuel filter and put in fresh gas but now it wont start. It will fire with some starting fluid and there is plenty of pressure to the fuel rail. What should we check? -
Answer 1
Drained the gas tank... How?? ... Check for more water in new filter ant TEST fuel pressure!!! With a test gauge.... -
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there is a plug on bottom of the tank. -
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Oh yeah, sure there is! -
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well it surprised the heck out of me cuz couldnt get a hose down into the tank to siphon and went under to undo the filler hose and saw a bolt in the tank and was surprised it came out rather easy and had magnetic tip to it. Am going to dbl check injectors with a noid first then pressure test it -
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Cool! -
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fuel pressure is at 48 what else should we look at? -
Answer 2
you may have to remove and clean the fuel tank -
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well we drained it completely , then put in some fresh gas bout 5 gallons and added water remover but still wont start. -
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