2001 Intrigue is using coolant. How do I know if it is the water pump? on 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue

The car is using coolant. I can't find the leak and think it is either the exhast manifold or the water pump. I don't have water in the oil so I don't think it is a head gaskit. How can I diagnose the problem?

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exhaust manifold?? not likely. you can add a dye to the system that will be a bright color that will help you find the leak. you could also go to a shop and have a tech diag the problem for you with a bid.

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Use a mirror and flashlight to inspect the water pump for a leak. Also, if you can (you suspect the water pump already), use large screwdrivers to try to see if there's any play in the water pump shaft, that would be and indicator that the pump bearings are worn, could cause leakage. Also look at all the hose connections and radiator. If you see coolant dripped on the ground under where the car sits it would be a clue. sometimes a mechanic needs to pressurize the cooling system to spot a leak but you could possibly find it when the engine is hot and the cooling system is pressurized by the heat. Be careful, though. Hot coolant and hot engine parts will burn you badly, maybe wear gloves and safety goggles. don't pull on any hose connections, if one comes loose you'll get bathed in hot coolant and you could get butned seriously.