2001 Hyundai Santa Fe Blower fan does not work on 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe

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It worked on the 3rd speed for a couple of weeks then stopped working. I replaced the blower resistor. How can I tell if the problem is now the motor or the switch?
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More then likely its the switch. I'm dealing with the same issue right now, the switch gets hot and the plastic warps, making the connectors on the back not line up anymore in certain positions.

Easiest way to rule out the motor being the culprit is to open up the ac controls and pull the cord out of the blower control knob. Looking at the cord, you will see 6 tabs. if you number them 1-3 and 4-6, left to right, jump tab 6 to tab 1 or 4, and the blower should come right on (with the ignition on and ac switched to on). You could also run jump wires from your battery down to the blower and hook them up, the blower should power right up.