2001 GMC Jimmy stalls out. Diagnostic code P0410, air injection system fault. on 2001 GMC Jimmy

2001 GMC Jimmy sometimes stalls pulling away from stops. Starts right back up. Diagnostic says code P0410, which has to do with the air injection system/air pump. A mechanic advised that the code/fault had nothing to do with "driveability", just emmissions, and that the problem is a weak/failing fuel pump. I want to try a fuel filter first, then maybe electrical (spark or air pump), and fuel pump last. Pump module is $500 just for the part! Any input from a pro??

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When your mechanic says its 'just emissions' he is saying it just fuel and spark. last time I checked fuel and spark were pretty important. The SAS code may or may not have any thing to do with your power problem. If the air pump is on too much or the valve is stuck open, it could ovelyr lean out your mixture to the point where it could cause performance problems. I would start by finding another mechanic who knows how to scan your data stream and find the real problem. If your fuel pump is bad, you can see it in the fuel trim values. Same with your fuel filter. You don't have to GUESS you can DIAGNOSE these things. You need to find a tech with a much higher skill level who understands ALL the systems, including emissions systems. Good Luck!