2001 Chevy Malibu will not take fuel. Would a bad vent solenoid cause this? on 1993 Ford E-350

Am considering changing the fuel filler tube but not sure that will resolve. Trouble code shows P0443 & P0449

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I would start with a real good visual inspection of the wiring at the vent valve and if you have the right scan tool you can activate the vent valve while monitoring the power and ground at the connector at the valve.
I actually put the car in the shop and it has turned into a nightmare! $1000 later with a new fuel pump, the mechanic is completely confused! The car ran for one day - really rough idle and white smoke when stopped at a light. Then it won't start. Mechanics says the valve that closes off the fuel tank was activated somehow, so he fixed that. Now the car will take fuel, but won't start.
have you been in any collisions that could have tripped the fuel safety shut off? Just a wild guess... i think usually they are located on the passenger side near or under the glove box... usually just a button you push to reset.