2001 cadillac sls power seat problem on 2001 Cadillac Seville SLS

Hi, I have a 2001 Seville SLS (100K miles) in which the driver side power seat is operable but malfunctioning. For example, when I push the 1 button for seat position 1, the seat will move into the automatic EXIT position and vice versa, or will not move the seat at all until I press it multiple times. Also, and most distressing, when I press any power seat button at all, the heater/ac, heated seat and radio will shut off or turn on. In sum, the driver side power seat isn't working correctly in any way. Thanks for your help!

In addition, I just had the heater/AC repaired, a new water pump and a new battery installed. The heat and ac are working fine now but they couldn't figure out the problem with the seat and the apparent short circuit to the heater/as and the radio

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i would start by pulling DTC,s from computer that may tell you where to start,the memoty seat module system may need reprograming .
Thank you very much for your response! I seem to have narrowed the problem down by doing a couple of other tests. For instance, I find now that most of the time I can put the car into gear without pressing on the foot brake. When this happens the heat and the ac and the heated seats malfunction too. Every now and then though, I WILL have to press the foot brake to put the car in gear and then all the systems work fine. So it goes back and forth. Does this bit of info ring any bells? Maybe something to do with the starter? Thanks much!
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If there is no sound from any of the switches, you might need to replace the fuse. not under hood, but under back seat, i think.