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2001 Honda Accord Question: 2001 accord Code P1381 cylinder Position Sensor malfunction,

Where is this sensor at??? -
Answer 1
That's your distributors Located inside distributor Do not disassemble it. Before touching it What did you do so far??? -
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Potwin Ks. Hummmm -
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Just spam as far as i can tell, at least that's my story! -
Answer 2
these people have alot of issues and seems that there is no mech in that town.lmao -
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The code was pick up yesterday, I haven't done anything to the car. I wanted to find out where this sensor was at. And them go from there. Thanks Antonio -
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The sensor is located inside your distributor First thing first make sure all your firing order are correct If it's correct then need to replace new distributor -
Answer 3
A faulty alternator can also cause this code. First check and make sure the coil shield is installed properly , then if that's okay ,clear code , unplug Alt. 4 pin connector and test drive . If P1381 returns while alt. unplugged , then replace dist. IF code does NOT return , have alt tested for a FAULTY DIODE. Faulty diode can cause the type of interference that sets this code. -