2001 accord
Code P1381 cylinder Position Sensor malfunction, on 2001 Honda Accord

Where is this sensor at???

A faulty alternator can also cause this code. First check and make sure the coil shield is installed properly , then if that's okay ,clear code , unplug Alt. 4 pin connector and test drive . If P1381 returns while alt. unplugged , then replace dist. IF code does NOT return , have alt tested for a FAULTY DIODE. Faulty diode can cause the type of interference that sets this code.
Thanks for the tip helped me out alot
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That's your distributors
Located inside distributor
Do not disassemble it.
Before touching it
What did you do so far???
Potwin Ks. Hummmm
Just spam as far as i can tell, at least that's my story!
these people have alot of issues and seems that there is no mech in that town.lmao
The code was pick up yesterday, I haven't done anything to the car. I wanted to find out where this sensor was at. And them go from there.

The sensor is located inside your distributor
First thing first make sure all your firing order are correct
If it's correct then need to replace new distributor