2000 Tracker I changed the battery, now the engine won't idle. on 2000 Chevrolet Tracker

I recall this happened last time I removed battery cables for cleaning and then the engine wouldn't idle, then after some time it would idle, I dont recall what fixed it, I'm sure a component or sensor needs to reset, any help would be appreciated.

by in New Limerick, ME on July 31, 2013
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ANSWER by on July 31, 2013
you should take it to the dealer to have the pcm reprogrammed
ANSWER by on August 01, 2013
Have someone hold open the throttle and clean inside the throttle body with some throttle cleaner and a tooth brush. reassemble, start vehicle and let idle for around 5 min. Drive vehicle and see if it's now ok. For future reference you should always have a battery backup installed when disconnecting the battery. On this vehicle the idle learn is really all that is lost but on newer vehicles there is a lot of reinitializing that will need to happen after a battery disconnect, trans shift points, windows, & doors, come to mind at this point but I know there is more.
COMMENT by on August 02, 2013
Thank you, good info, I started it cold without any throttle and it idled fine, let it come up to full temp before driving, it's ok now.

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