2000 Taurus FFV, I am getting CODE P0139 fuel pressure regulator high pressure! on 2000 Ford Taurus

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The car has not started for a week with no code. So I have change coolant temp sensor, coolant fan sensor, checked for spark (it good), check the fuel pressure its @ 42psi when trying to start. So last night I went to go F with it! took off a spark plug wire and started it up! It ran Great-- What The Hell "I said" turned it off put spark plug back, started it up (Check Engine Light On - Code Read P0139 "pressure regulator high pressure"). So I unplug the battier took it off sensor and cleaned it (looks like this - -) put it back together started it up ran great, NO Check engine light on "perfect" FIXED & DONE... This afternoon girlfriend calls me saying the DAM car wont start. "REALLY" I go home try to start it NOTHING & NO CHECK ENGINE LIGHT it's like it never started.... so sad!
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i had that problem had to replace the fuel pump with original ford pump.
I checked the fuel pump, its not that. I have Spark, Fuel and Compression. I replaces the fuel pressure sensor like I need. The car started running again for about 5 days and then stopped (the car runs great when running, sounds better then 06 4runnner) I need to know of there is any special parts or sensors, something that would do this to a 2000 Ford Taurus 3.0L FFV E22 (4V) eng. or electronics system... ()