2000 pontiac bonneville has no spark in #1&4 cylinders replaced coil pack &plug wires on 2000 Pontiac Bonneville

car will not start.replaced coil pack,plug wires & spark from coil pack to #1&4 plugs.could this be a computer problem,or what else could it be.

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could be the module that it is bolted to. it is a common failure when the module fails. the old coil may still be good. you can verify that by replacing the old coil on one of the other coils. if it works there, then your module is at fault.
if you remove the module, you can take it to a parts store and have it tested for free. at pepboys, they have the testor and we use it all the time.

poss bad module , common on this motor
will this make your car fell like its mis-firing or jerky feeling