2000 maxima coolant leak sometimes does not overheat I thought water pump. on 2000 Nissan Maxima

I recently replaced alternator and belts, at first start up I have belt noise for 5 to 15 seconds also sometmes I see coolant leak what would be the problem? I thought water pump but not leaking all the time.

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sqeel is loose belts.

have the system pressure checked to verify leak. could be any one of a hundred places.

I had the same squeeling noise on my 2001 Maxima, after replacing the serpentine belt. I thought It wasn't tight enough, then I thought maybe its too tight. I replaced the tensioner, with the idea that the factory sealed bearings in the tensioner had somehow created the squeeling. After I put the new tensioner on the new serpentine belt, it squeeled briefly and then stopped. If it squeeled briefly after the new tensioner installed, the tensioner could not have caused the squeeling issue at cold startup. It hasn't come back though, so I left well enough alone. However, my power steering leaks somewhere, and it may be the power steering pump that caused the squeeling, or the water pump. Even without the squeeling, with a leak, it appears that I must fix the leak, with either a new pump, or high pressure hose, or both. I hope not more than $100, if I can do it myself. A shop will charge $1,000 so it is worth the attempt.