2000 lesabre with 145,000 on it. check eng lite came on diag said map sensor on 2000 Buick LeSabre

replaced map sensor and light went off for 1 day. redid diagnostics and said low flow map sensor. after 1 month took sensor back and put anothe new one on. again light went off for 1 day and now back on. car started backfireing, jerking. in idle will rev up by itself and then start chugging and eventually kill. sulfur smell out of exhaust. could this be the catalytic converter? possible crack in intake manafold? mass air flow sensor? everytime the diagnostic says "map" sensor intake low. Help anyone!!

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poss chance the sensor was not bad to start with.the code only tells you there is an issue with that circuit.i agree with #1 ck for vac issues
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check for a vacuum leak first
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